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The Ox Chapter 2

Title: The Ox~Chapter 2
Author: FlippinKMoon
Rating: R-ish to be on the safe side.
Pairing: Roger/John
Summary: John tries to figure out what is going on. He and Roger get confronted by a strange man.
Comments: Same as before.

John and Roger walked down the street to Roger’s flat. Roger looked at the bassist with concern. He wasn’t sure what had happened in the studio, but he was sure that it wasn’t good. John looked up at him.

“Rog… I don’t know what’s happening…” John said anxiously. “This isn’t normal…”

Roger nodded and then his eyes widened.

“John… It’s happening again!” Roger gasped.

John felt on either side of his head. The horns were growing. He ducked into an alley and hid. Roger followed him.

“God! Why is this happening to me?” John asked as he kicked the wall. Roger had never seen such emotion from the Ox.

“I don’t know, John…” Roger said. “I just don’t know.”

“But I do.” A low voice answered.

Roger and John snapped around. A large, older black man suddenly appeared out of the shadows. He wore traditional African garments and held a sack in one hand. The other arm cradled a buffalo calf. The man smiled. Somehow, John felt he could trust him. Roger did not feel as such and began to tug on his sleeve.

“Come on, John… let’s go to my flat.”

John, uncharacteristically, turned to Roger and snorted angrily. Roger stepped back.

“Follow me,” the man said to John. “You may come as well,” he said, addressing Roger.

The man poured out a powder from his sack and blew it onto the wall of the building. The wall opened up and he entered. John followed. Roger walked cautiously behind the Ox. He could tell that something was definitely changing about him.

The three walked into a room that was decorated with many African artifacts and the man sat down on a mat. John joined him while Roger stood in the entryway. John was barely human now and was almost unable to speak.

“What’s happening to my friend?” Roger asked.

“He is one of the Buffalo People,” the man replied, setting his hand on John’s head. John nudged the man’s hand.

“And?” Roger asked.

“Long, long ago, the gods created a race patterned after the most powerful of animals. They wanted them to be as strong as the buffalo but also to be human. Something went wrong during their creation and they turned out to be more like buffalo than humans. They were sentient, as all animals are, but they did not look at all like humans. They pleaded unto the gods to take away the curse of forever being in between. Many threatened to take their lives. However, they were unable to, as the gods had made them immortal. The gods looked down on their creations with pity and gave them the power to choose. They would be allowed to shift from man to beast. However, after a while, some of the Buffalo People became corrupt as they used their powers for evil instead of good. Many were punished by forever losing their abilities of shifting from one form to another. Only a few of the true Buffalo People remain and John is one of them.” The man said while stroking John’s head, lulling him to sleep.

“How do you know his name?” Roger asked.

“Because I too am one of the few still alive… I was once able to shift my form with ease, but as old age and human nature seized me, I was unable to shift. This here,” he said, motioning to the calf in his arms, “Is my son.” He then looked at John “And though your friend here may not remember it, he is my brother.”

“How can that be? He was born in 1944!” Roger said.

“He is on a mission from the gods. They made it possible for him to be born when he was. That is the wonderful thing about the gods. They can do anything… even making a full grown Buffalo Man be born as a baby.”

“This isn’t making any sense…what is his mission?” Roger asked.

“That I do not know, and he will probably die many deaths before it is completed… but he will never truly die a natural death…”

Roger looked down at John who was slowly becoming human again.

“However, his blessing comes with a curse. Unless he can harness his ability, he will be changing at will forever, and then, he could possibly be killed….”


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